Setting up the heat and AC

I love being a mother to my several little 1s, i cannot imagine life without them.

  • I do not even remember what it was love to not have any children.

I must have been so bored all of the time! My daughter is various years old, plus my twin boys are four. I love having boys in the house, however they can be quite rough on things occasionally. My daughter is the girliest of all ladies, plus she does not love to rough house honestly much, however my boys are a whole unusual story. I try to keep them from rough housing too much in the house, so I usually send them outside. If the weather is bad, they end up playing in the study room most of the morning which can turn out badly… Last week, they played in the study room, plus my smart temperature control has not been the same since, they must have messed with the remote, plus I cannot get the settings right anymore. My fiance came home the night that the boys had been playing with it plus tried to figure out what they did, although he could not figure it out. I guess I am going to have to call the dealer that installed it for me. The house just never feels the right temperature since my boys messed with that smart temperature control remote! Hopefully, the people I was with and I will be able to figure out the issue soon, however I easily doubt that the people I was with and I will be able to without help. The two of us have tried basically everything the people I was with and I guess how to repair the deranged thing.


a/c care

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