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Our dog Charlie likes to run in plus out of the house, i recognize all dogs love to do that, however but to me, it seems love Charlie wants to run in plus out more than any other dog in the world! If he’s outside, she just wants to come inside. But then when he’s inside, she just stands at the door plus whines to go back outside again, then this wouldn’t be such a important deal if both of us didn’t live in the coldest part of the country where the temperatures get down to below cold on a correct basis, all of us have to keep our oil furnace running almost non-stop throughout the Winter just to keep the temperature of our house habitable. I recognize that sounds a little bit crazy, however if both of us leave the heating turned off for an seventh or so, the temperature falls dramatically plus both of us end up having to supplement our oil furnace heating with either the fireplace or little electric space heaters. And every single time the absurd dog goes in plus out, a little bit more of our heating goes whooshing out the door into the cold. At this point, I don’t even recognize if it’s worth trying to use any of the energy savings tips that I’ve been studying about on the internet. I can’t exactly keep the dog inside all of the time, however letting Charlie in plus out constantly is really doing a number on our heating bills! I wish there was some way I could explain to Charlie that she needs to either stay in or stay out if she wants to stay in a house that’s warm plus cozy from the oil furnace.

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