Not a fan of the smaller heating systems

I don’t care how useful section heating systems are supposed to be these days.

I will never use a section furnace again.

I think that any section heating systems can be dangerous, even the highly rated ones. I say that because although I did everything that I thought that I could to be safe while using our section heater, I still got burned. They say that you aren’t supposed to use a section furnace at times while you aren’t home, and you aren’t supposed to ever use a section furnace while you are asleep. I have a section furnace situated in our bedroom because the bedroom is genuinely drafty. The entire rest of the beach house is warm, but the oil furnace can’t seem to keep our bedroom warm. I had the section furnace programmed on the highest setting, and I was in the room next to it. I was already in the kitchen cooking food, and the section furnace was the last thing currently on our mind. However, when I walked back into our bedroom after that, I noticed that the carpet was on fire! The section furnace was already turned off, but the carpet next to the outlet where I had the heating plan plugged was very much on fire. Apparently, the heating plan got so sizzling that it melted the entire plug that it was connected to! Rather than just flipping the breaker, then, the outlet began shooting sparks that caught the carpet on fire. Maybe I should have just sealed in our bedroom to retain the heat made by our furnace fire.

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