I really love window units, personally

Some people say that they appreciate AC, but they don’t like their AC like I like our window AC… Yeah, I have a window AC still, in 2020.

If I had a choice, I would have a central AC instead of a window AC, although I can’t afford a central AC right now, and I don’t own our own house, so I can’t make that choice here anyways. I like in a small beach house that I rent, and the only single thing that I can have is a window AC. However, this window AC is the only thing that I need. I use our window AC during the entire year, during the summer, I tend to keep the AC on the lowest setting all the time. I discovered that if you set your AC to the coldest setting, I learned that it genuinely just keeps your AC on all of the time. However, during the winter, I still use our AC a great deal. I might not use the AC during the Winter if I had any control of the thermostat for our oil furnace. I currently live in a complex and it seems like the man who controls the heating plan likes far warmer temperatures, and I do not care for that. I am always practically forced to use our AC during the Winter in our own home because the overall heating plan is set to such a high temperature.

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