It was freezing inside the movie theater tonight, even though the furnace was running

Even though the furnace was running the entire time that we were in the movie theater tonight, the room never seemed to start heating up at all.

The heating system sounded very loud and the air from the heating vents in the ceiling made a weird roaring sound. This made it hard to hear the dialogue in the movie, plus it wasn’t really heating the room up much at all, either. I went to the manager out front in the ticket office and told him about the cold temperature in the theater, and he just rolled his eyes. That was pretty annoying, but then he apologized for doing it. He said that it was just that I was like the twentieth person to come out and tell him that the theater’s heating system wasn’t working correctly. He said that he was well aware of the issue with the HVAC system in that particular theater. He had called the commercial HVAC company earlier in the day, and they said that they would be there in an hour or so. But by the time that I was there, it was already late in the evening and the commercial HVAC technician still hadn’t shown up to fix the heating system. You could tell that the theater manager was at his wit’s end with the heating system in the theater, and he was also mad at the commercial HVAC company for not getting there when they said they would. I could kind of understand his irritation, especially if he had called the HVAC company earlier that morning and they still hadn’t shown up to fix the heating system!


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