I’m pretty sure my sister is jealous of my new thermostat

My sister seems to be having a big problem with the new smart thermostat system that my husband bought me for Christmas this year.

My husband decided that for this year, he didn’t want to get my jewelry or fancy clothes or anything like that. Instead, he did something that we needed to get done which was to upgrade our current thermostat unit. I have been complaining about our old and outdated thermostat unit for a long time now, and so I guess I shouldn’t have been very surprised to see the box for a brand new digital programmable smart thermostat system under the tree for me on Christmas morning. I was actually pretty excited to get the new smart thermostat unit, especially when my husband explained to me how we can connect it to my smartphone through an HVAC app that we can download. Well, we got busy with installing the new smart thermostat and putting the heating and cooling app on my phone. Before we knew it, it was time for Christmas dinner and my sister was arriving at our house. The next thing I knew, she was standing in the hallway staring at our new thermostat system with a really mean look on her face. She gave my husband and me some dirty looks and then she said that this thermostat was the exact one that she has been wanting. I told her that they probably have more at the HVAC company just like ours, but she was annoyed anyway! I guess that’s just the way that sisters are.


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