I love where I live

Over my life I have found that there is a strange phenomenon where people tend to complain about where they live more than enjoy where they live.

  • It might already be as clear as day, but this has been something that has always driven me crazy.

I am not sure if this is just typical human nature to always find things to complain about, but I have never been able to relate to these types of people. For the past ten years I have been living in the southern section of the country where the weather is almost always very hot and very humid. Instead of just whining and complaining to anyone and everyone who would listen to me, I decided to invest in a high quality air conditioning unit instead. Making the change from our old and run down air conditioning unit has lead to the homes overall air quality improving, along with a huge drop off in our monthly energy usage which is a plus. Even though we live in the same climate i still have neighbors that will try to complain to me at barbeques about how hot and humid it is and how they can’t wait until they move up north. Sure it’s hot outside, but if you don’t have high quality air conditioning at your house than you are setting yourself up to be hot and grumpy no matter what. In all honesty though I wouldn’t mind if these hard to please people did move up north, I would rather have no neighbors than have ones that are always complaining about the heat!
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