The county warning notice

I and everyone in my neighborhood had a very odd notice on our front doors.

It was from the county telling everyone to please have landscaping done on their homes if they hadn’t done so already.

There is an issue with allergies and the air quality, and having all the weeds and tree shavings all over the place is making the air quality even worse. This was understandable. I had noticed that I personally had been using my whole home air purification system a little more than usual the last month or so. Now this explains why. It wasn’t just me or that my indoor air quality was lacking. It happened to be the whole entire area having bad air quality! Sometimes by running my whole home air purification system and my central heating and air conditioning system at the same time it really helps my indoor air quality. But after seeing the notice from the county about the weeds and general landscaping I began to realise that indoor air quality sometimes starts with outdoor air quality. You never can tell if the area in which you live has bad air quality, which is causing your bad indoor air quality. Never the less, after getting that notice I am going to do my part and try to help out by having professional landscapers come and take care of the stuff outside that I have been letting go for so long. It is not only making my indoor air quality worse, but obviously everyone in the area is being affected as well.

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