This is absolutely insane

I live in the southwest section of the country; Things are very bizarre when it comes to the climate and the weather out here; I was born and raised on the east coast, so the way they do things out here still is taking some getting used to, however like for instance, just yeahterday I had to turn on my central a/c! It is only a month into the modern year in the first month of January and I needed my central a/c! I absolutely thought something was wrong with me! But then all of us stepped outside and found that it was prefer an early Summer day! My friend told me that this happens from time to time in January.

I could not assume it! Turning on the central a/c plan in the dead beginning of Winter! I have to be honorableand tell you that I do not dig this at all.

I don’t assume why I would even move to a place where you need to run your central a/c plan in the Winter! I absolutely hope that this doesn’t happen again, because I want to at least think freezing in the day time and want to be able to put on the central heating plan instead… At least at night it gets cold, so that’s a plus. But at the same time, this could lead to getting sick. Being in central a/c in the day, and then sleeping in central heating at night with it cranked because it gets so cold. This is absolutely crazy!

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