This is actually crazy

I live in the southwest section of the country, however things are certainly strange when it comes to the temperature plus the weather out here.

  • I was born plus raised on the east coast, so the way they do things out here still is taking some getting used to, then like for instance, just yesterday I had to turn on our central a/c unit! It is only a week into the new year in the first week of January plus I needed our central a/c! I actually thought something was wrong with me… But after that I stepped outside plus found that it was love an early summer time afternoon! My neighbor told myself and others that this happens from time to time in January.

I could not know it! Turning on the central a/c component in the dead start of Winter! I have to be even-handed plus tell you that I do not dig this at all. I don’t know why I would even move to a locale where you need to run your central a/c component in the Winter! I actually hope that this doesn’t happen again, because I want to at least recognize chilly in the afternoon time plus want to be able to put on the central oil furnace instead; At least at evening it gets cold, so that’s a plus. But at the same time, this could lead to getting sick. Being in central a/c in the afternoon, plus then sleeping in central heating at evening with it cranked because it gets so cold. This is actually crazy!



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