I wish that they did it right the first time

I admit, unhappily, that I lost my patience with the Heating & A/C provider recently that my wife plus I had been using. I genuinely thought air conditioner suppliers went to school to learn their trade before they were sent into the field. Apparently, these Heating & A/C suppliers skipped school, at least during the HVAC duct lessons. Last week, both of us unfortunately noticed that it was too overheated in the house. The indoor thermostat was set at 69 degrees, however the neighboring thermometer was reading 60 degrees. All of us called our regular Heating & A/C provider. They installed our new Heating & A/C component in the house less than a year ago, so both of us figured that it would logically be covered under the warranty. The Heating & A/C serviceman carefully checked our Heating & A/C component plus said that our HVAC ducts are shot plus need to be substituted as quickly as we can. The next day, I had three suppliers crawling around upstairs in my attic plus working on the HVAC ducts. Around lunch time, all of a sudden they came down plus said that they were done. One of of the burliest Heating & A/C suppliers turned on the air conditioner plus they all left. That evening, however, the apartment never cooled off. I asked another Heating & A/C to make a repair call. They looked at my HVAC duct plus said that unfortunately they’d have to repair all the mistakes that the first team made in order for my HVAC to work properly. At that point, I blew my lid.

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