Why Can’t We Invent an AC for PCs

I love working with PCs and computers: both at my job & when I am home.I prefer it even, when a problem comes up & I have to try to solve it myself.

Recently in fact, for example my PC at home kept overheating because I overclocked it But, I do not have the money on me to be able to cool down the tower easily.

But then how could i keep playing video games? At work, the computers are all kept in an air-conditioned room & kept it about 60°.That keeps them running great, and at home, I can’t afford to keep our central air conditioner running at such low temperatures. Besides, our family would start complaining about the cold and the cost! I still came up with a brilliant solution though. I put my PC tower in the closet & I hooked up a portable air conditioner unit in the closet as well. I am able to keep the closet about 65 degrees & this keeps the PC tower nice & cool no problem. Especially since I keep the tower opened up, separated from the casing. I have not had 1 single crash, or freeze up, ever since using this air-conditioning in the closet idea. Now I want to get a few more new swaps and upgrades for my gaming computer to make it run even better. But this whole air condition closet plan fix has got me thinking- why can’t someone invent a tiny air conditioner that goes inside computer tower? It would need to be about the size of the existing case fan, but otherwise it can’t be that hard.


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