Emergency when pet sitter's heater goes down

I do pet sitting from my home so it was not ideal when my heater went out last winter.

Of course it was Christmas Eve and I had a total of 8 pets in my house at the time.

The pet owners were all on vacation so it was not like I could just call them up and tell them to come pick up their beloved family members. So I moved all of the pets into the dining room and put some space heater around while I tried to find an HVAC company who was still open. Finally, I reached an HVAC company that could come out that same day. The technician who came out was very friendly and he didn’t waste any time getting to work. When I found out the problem with my heater, I felt kind of stupid. It seems that my ductwork and heat pump had gotten full of pet hair and made the parts get stuck. The technician said that regular maintenance could have prevented this from happening. The whole repair cost me quite a bit of money but it came with a free one-year maintenance plan. After that, I need to pay for them to come out every six months to clean and service the ducts, as well as the rest of the HVAC system. I will definitely keep on top of getting this done from now on. I can’t afford a repair like that again any time soon. At least I can keep all of the animals safe and warm now.


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