Emergency Heating For Pets Was No Joke

For a few years I have done pet sitting and pet hotel from my house, so it was not ideal when my heating went out last winter right on Christmas Eve.I had a total of 9 pets at the time; The pet owners were all on vacation probably, so it was not like I could just call them up & tell them to come and pick up their pets on no notice, so I moved all of the pets into the dining room & put on my space heater, while I tried to find an Heating plus A/C business who was still open.

The pets all crowded around the heater!But finally, I reached a Heating and A/C business that could come out that same day.

The specialist who came out was genuinely friendly & he didn’t waste any time getting to work, because he saw how cold me and the pets were! When I found out the problem with the heater, I felt pretty stupid. It seems that the HVAC duct & heat pump had gotten full of all that pet hair & made the parts get stuck. The specialist said that correct upkeep could have prevented this from happening. The whole repair cost our quite a bit of money however, on the plus side, it came with a free one year repair plan. After that, I need to spend money for them to come out every so often to wipe & repair the ducts & the rest of the Heating plus A/C system. I will genuinely keep on top of getting this done from now on. It was too expensive to have the emergency repair on a holiday! At least I can keep all of the critters safe now though.

a/c care plan