Being a truck driver

When you are a truck driver for a living it is not an easy thing to do if you have a family.

  • Thankfully, I do not have a family as of yet nor am I going to be a truck driver the rest of my life.

This was something I just decided to get into while I figure out what I want to do for a living and go to school for a degree. I just got out of high school this year and graduated. Being a truck driver you encounter all kinds of climate changes while you are on the road travelling from state to state. And you never know where you are going to have to sleep for the night. So in case there is a lack of heating or air conditioning where i’m going to be at, I always carry a portable air conditioning system and a portable space heater with me. I have wonderful central heating and air conditioning in most of the trucks I drive thankfully. However I have had to stop at some really cheap motels to crash out for the night and they were lacking in the heating and air conditioning department. But having my portable air conditioning system and my portable space heater with me, I am always prepared for any bad heating and cooling situations I may end up running into at these cheap motels that I end up staying in. I need to sleep in a motel instead of my truck because I need the indoor comforts of home to get a good night sleep.

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