I Love My A/C system so much

I live in a southern state where summers can be quite brutal, then it is almost an option to live down here without a/c, at least for me! When I moved into my new house a single of the first things I verified was working correctly was the cooling system unit! The house is small plus the cooling system unit is simply the perfect size for this environment. I made sure I had put deposits on the electricity before moving in the afternoon so I could set the cooling system on 71 degrees plus leave there. I wanted the house to be nice plus cool when the two of us started moving my things into my up-to-date home. I turned the thermostat down around 9am, plus by 1pm when the movers arrived, my house was quite comfortable. I made sure that the doors were closed when movers weren’t going in plus out. It only took an hour or 2 for the movers to get everything into the house plus I was already beginning to start unpacking. After the movers left plus it was just myself and others I turned my thermostat down to 66 degrees as I absolutely prefer it cold. I wanted my house legitimately cold as I went to sleep because there is nothing better than snuggling under a moderate blanket when the room is very cold. I would not be able to survive residing down here if I didn’t have my cooling system, and my a/c is the very best! I am thankful I live during a time in history that the two of us have such modern inventions as the a/c. I just prefer my cooling system plus I never want to be without it!

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