Having some cooling work done

After a long, hot motorcycle ride in the boiling sun with my neighbor I was glad when the two of us pulled up in my driveway so that the two of us could rest back plus relax with ice cold a/c, but boy was I surprised when I opened the front door plus found it was boiling inside.

Apparently while the two of us had been gone almost all day long something happened to my unit.

I immediately looked at my thermos that plus it said 90 degrees. I remember the last time I had the a/c crew out I bought an Heating plus A/C service package with guaranteed that if anything happened they would come back plus check things out for no charge. So I then got out my paperwork in called the company whose name was on it. Within 2 hours there was a knock at my door plus it was their repair crew. They walked around my place for several hours plus then came back with a list of things that needed to be done. One major thing that needed to repair was the sealing up in the attic. After a short time they were finished with that space of the work. Then they proceeded to walk back outside to check the cooling system unit. They had to repair a few minor things on the unit itself. Before that long they were finished with the outside. A few hours later the whole job was complete plus my place was cooling down at last. I am so cheerful I opted to get the Heating plus A/C service package as it saved myself and others a lot of money with their repair work.

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