I tried to fix my window air conditioner

I tried to fix my window air conditioner, but I eventually just decided to give up on the entire project.

I never realized how utterly useless it would be to try to fix a window air conditioner.

I am sad to admit that I own a window air conditioner. Obviously, I would love to have a central air conditioner in my house, but since I am renting the house, it isn’t my choice to install a central air conditioner. Sure, I am confident that the landlord would allow me to pay for the installation of a central air conditioner, but I would never get that money back, and I wouldn’t be able to take the central air conditioner with me when I moved. Instead, I decided to purchase a few windows air conditioners until I am able to afford my own house with a central air conditioner. Whenever I had an air conditioner that stopped working, I did what probably most of you do. When my air conditioner stopped working, I threw away the old air conditioner and bought a new air conditioner for my house. I have always been told that replacing an air conditioner is cheaper than paying an HVAC technician to repair it. However, since I didn’t want to buy a new air conditioner after my most recent breakdown, I decided to try to fix my old air conditioner. Well, the project didn’t turn out as well as I planned. They don’t make window air conditioners easy to fix, and the parts are hard to find. I struggled with my air conditioner for a while, but I decided that it was too much of a hassle. I decided to buy a new air conditioner instead.


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