Installing window air conditioners is always a pain

Do you know what I hate the most about owning window air conditioners? Of all the problems that come with having a window air conditioner, the worst part about it is the fact that you have to install and uninstall window air conditioners every year.

I always remember how nice it was to have a central air conditioner. My central air conditioner would always be waiting for me in the same place as usual. The only thing that I needed to do during the spring to get my air conditioner running was to adjust the thermostat so that the air conditioner would turn on. I didn’t have to install the air conditioners, and I didn’t have to take up precious window space to get the air conditioners in the window. However, my new house doesn’t have a central air conditioner. I plan on eventually buying a central air conditioner, but since I don’t have a central air conditioner right now, I decided to purchase a few window air conditioners to get me through this time. I hate installing the window air conditioners. It takes a few people to balance the air conditioner and close the window, and I have so many of them to do. You can’t leave the air conditioners in the window during the winter because you will lose too much heat. When you aren’t using the air conditioners, it takes up a lot of storage space in your house. I can’t wait until I am able to sell these window air conditioners and buy my central air conditioner. It will be so nice to use one of those things again.

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