I can’t believe my air conditioning went on the blink

Of all the times for my air conditioning to go on the blink and stop working, it had to be this week.

They’ve been warning us for the past couple of weeks that we were going to be in for a really bad hot spell around here.

We already live in a rather hot and dry climate, and so when the weather stations start telling you that it’s going to be heating up, you tend to take notice and listen. I had just had my air conditioning and heating systems tuned up and so I wasn’t really worried about the heat that was supposedly coming. But then once the outside temperatures started heating up and I cut the thermostat down in the house, I noticed that nothing was happening. I knew that this couldn’t be right since my HVAC technician had just recently come out to do our regular maintenance. He always does a great job and so I was fully expecting my A/C to be in tip top shape! However, nothing happened when I turned on my central A/C. I called the HVAC company and they immediately sent my HVAC tech back out to the house to see what the trouble was. It turned out that he had just neglected to finish connecting a couple of wires and switches when he finished my previous tune up. Thank goodness it wasn’t something major! He didn’t charge me since he said it was his own fault. I’m just happy to be able to turn on the A/C during this heatwave.

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