I made the mistake of not buying the condo warranty with our house

When the two of us bought our condo last year, it was 1 of the happiest mornings of our life, i absolutely loved the site, and it was our first condo so it was certainly exciting for us… We had never owned a piece of property before, and so the whole thing was a new experience.

I would have to say that seeing that huge number on the bottom line of the mortgage loan was a little bit frightening and daunting when the two of us went into the lawyer’s office to sign the final paperwork; Even so, our realtor advised that the two of us add even more money onto that figure by purchasing something called a condo warranty to go along with the house, then she told us that it’s regularly a good system to purchase a condo warranty, in case something goes wrong with the condo enjoy the structural foundation, the fireplace, or even the heating and cooling system. With a condo warranty, you don’t have to worry about high repair charges because all of those things would be covered; But our wife and I were young and naive, and the two of us thought that nothing could ever go wrong with our good new house. Well, as fortune would have it, the two of us were wrong. Within just a few months of moving into our good new site, the two of us found out that the two of us had inherited a lemon of a heating and cooling system. We had to have expansive repair work done on our oil gas furnace and on our central cooling system. When the two of us got the last bill, I was certainly upset that the two of us didn’t have a condo warranty to help cover the costs.

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