My mom as well as dad are installing a UV light media air cleaner in their house

My mom as well as dad saw on the news that UV light media air cleaners are great for improving the indoor air pollen levels inside of homes as well as so now they are determined to get a single.

I told them that both of us should do some more research on the idea, since you particularly can’t recognize everything that you see on the news.

After all, in some scientific circles, they say that UV light from the sun is the worst possible thing for you. So why would you want to willingly put a UV light inside your home? Well, I decided to do some more research for them as well as I looked up a whole bunch of different HVAC websites to see what I could find out. It turns out that the UV light media air cleaners aren’t harmful to humans at all. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t even ever come into direct contact with it unless you were working on the heating or cooling system. Neither of my parents ever go near their central air conditioning system unit nor their heating system in the basement, so I knew that this wouldn’t be an issue for them, on a great note, the UV light media air cleaner is able to zap bacteria, viruses, as well as other potentially harmful pollutants that make their way into your home before they can ever get into your ventilation ducts where you could breathe them in. The UV light destroys the RNA in the cells of harmful microorganisms, as well as that’s how it kills them as well as renders them harmless. Now, I entirely like the method of my parents having this style or media air cleaner.



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