New HVAC contractor is not as good and mean

Getting a HVAC tune up never used to be a horrible thing.

I liked my HVAC contractor.

He reminded me of my grandpa. He was old, pudgy and very informative. The guy was great about wearing foot covers and picking up debris after the HVAC repair. My HVAC contractor always explained what repairs he did and why. I always felt I got charged a fair amount and the guy was so nice. Unfortunately, my sweet older HVAC contractor retired. The new guy I have is younger, meaner and not as good. He just tracks into my house with dirty boots on. He frequently forgets his tools and has to come back to pick them up. I never know what I am paying for and I don’t feel the HVAC repairs should cost as much as they do. The guy also takes about half the time to do a HVAC tune up. I don’t think he is so much better than my last HVAC contractor. I think the new guy rushes through the HVAC tune up and charges me more. I am paying more for not as good of a job. I also liked learning about my HVAC and what was going wrong with it. I don’t get to know anything now. The new guy basically wants me to leave him alone and leave the money on the table. I am not a fan of this strategy. I have thought about calling the HVAC company and asking for a different guy. Ideally, I would like my old guy back.


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