Realizing I am not a good HVAC technician

I then have to do duct sealing and I can’t charge the customer for the mistake

I have come to the realization that I am not a very good HVAC contractor. All throughout high school I knew I wanted to work in a repair field. I was going to be a mechanic, electrician or a HVAC contractor. I settled on HVAC since the local HVAC company in town always seemed to be hiring new guys. I went through all the schooling for the position. I logged a ton of in field hours with another licensed HVAC contractor. I was basically his assistant for a year. I handed the guy tools, did simple HVAC maintenance tasks and cleaned up after the job. I got where I was a super good assistant. My HVAC professional I worked with was amazing and I learned so much. I aced my HVAC contractor exams and became NATE certified with no issue. I now work by myself as a fully licensed HVAC contractor and I am horrible. Being a good assistant is one thing, but being the full on HVAC guy is harder. I never can remember what to do and I am way too rough with the equipment. I will come in to do ductwork cleaning and then create a large hole in the air duct. I then have to do duct sealing and I can’t charge the customer for the mistake. I have bent fan blades on the AC systems and installed the gas hook ups wrong on a furnace. I am bad enough that people are starting to complain about me. I wish I was still an assistant and only handing tools.

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