I continue getting ear aches

My sinuses are going crazy.

I try not to be one of those people that are affected by the seasonal changes and allergies.

Unfortunately, I totally am and I am dealing with terrible sinus pressure. I must have small tubes in my ears, nose and throat. I am constantly getting ear aches, migraines and sore throats during the springtime. I take medicine and I try to eat healthy. Other than that I don’t really know what to do. I think maybe my next step should be tackling the air quality inside of the home. There is nothing I can do for myself when I am outside. The air quality is what is affecting my health. Indoor air quality can be cleaned, purified and taken care of with the right equipment. First, I need to handle the dryness in my indoor air quality. My heating system goes all day long, everyday in the spring. I think the dry indoor air conditions make my nose bleed, my throat hurt and my skin dry. With a humidifier I could fix all of these issues. However, the main thing is how clean and fresh the air quality is. So I might need to get an air purification system and install it with the heater. As the heating system works, the air purifier will clean out the contaminants and smells in the air. No more pollen, dust and debris being inhaled by me. If this doesn’t fix my sinus issues, maybe UV lights installed in the equipment will do the trick. I am desperate and will try anything.
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