At our farmers’ market, there is always honey for sale

We love going to the outdoor farmers’ market every year.

There are so many things to do and see there, and I love talking to all of the locals that bring their products, produce, and honey to the market.

My very favorite booth to visit is the local beekeeping farmer who always has wildflower honey for sale. Their honey is the best that I have ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot of honey in my life because I love it. There’s just nothing better than honey on soft fresh bread or on a biscuit in the morning. I also love to mix honey up with butter and eat it together on a sandwich. When I go to the farmer’s market, I always make sure to stock up on both fresh honey and handmade butter. There’s really nothing out there that can beat that for a snack, if you ask me. It’s funny because my husband always teases me that I always make a beeline toward the sign that says fresh honey for sale. He loves making silly puns like that, but he is absolutely right. One day last year when we went to the farmers’ market, I waited until we were leaving to buy my honey just so I wouldn’t have to carry the bag around with me. Well, by the time I made it to the beekeeping farmer’s tent, he was all sold out of honey! I learned my lesson that day, though. Now I go straight there as soon as we arrive. I don’t want to miss out!