We found the best honey out on a back road

Both of us went for a lengthy drive out in the country the other day since it was a weekend plus we didn’t entirely have anything pressing that we had to get done… I absolutely love going out on joy rides in the country on back roads in the middle of nowhere.

It’s one of our number one things to do, and you never can really predict what you’re going to come across or find out there, even if it’s just a whole lot of beautiful scenery plus maybe a few cows! Yesterday, we went down a road that I don’t believe we have ever gone down before, plus it was a good thing that we made the choice to do that.

Both of us rounded a curve plus there by the side of a mailbox was a sign that said Fresh Local Honey for Sale. Well, my hubby plus I both really appreciate honey so we pulled into the driveway. There were honey bees plus bee hives all over the place in the back of the dwelling plus we noticed all of the flowers that were in the gardens, too. It was an attractive little farm dwelling plus it really fit the perfect picture of what I figured a beekeeping operation should look like! The farmer came out plus let us sample various honey products that he had up for sale, plus we ended up buying a good amount of honey from him. It was so delicious that we purchased some for ourselves plus other jars for gifts for our family members. I assume we have accidentally found our new local honey supplier out there on a hidden back road!

Honey farm