It’s really better in the bahamas

My spouse and I went to the bahamas last summer and we had the most wonderful time in the world! The place was really beautiful and there was so much to do. The one thing I really personally enjoyed about the bahamas was the air quality and the temperatures. I had heard that the weather could get quite warm here, but we were lucky where it wasn’t too warm at all. The air quality was also so great that my allergies didn’t flare up even once like they do at home. At home because I have such bad allergies we had to invest in a whole home air purification system to help me with that. If we had air quality home like they did in the bahamas, the whole home air purification system would not have ever been needed. One can dream though right? But anyway, the natives in the bahamas were such nice people also. I wanted to mention that. And in the hotel we were staying at they had really great air conditioning for when it did get a little warm at certain times of the day. We would sometimes during our stay go back to the hotel to eat lunch there at the restaurant they had in the lobby. The food was great. So that was when the air conditioning really shined and came of great use. When we returned home I was hit with the worst allergy attacks from being not used to the bad air quality in over a few weeks. As soon as we got home I turned on my whole home air purification system.
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