The air conditioner that I bought for our bedroom just stopped working

The air conditioner that I bought for our bedroom just stopped working.

I was rather disappointed when the air conditioner for our bedroom stopped working last night.

I was not impressed with the air conditioner in the first place. Our fifteen year old air conditioner that we had before this new one worked better. The new air conditioner was supposedly a nice brand, but I can assure you that I will never buy that brand of air conditioner again. I bought a warranty with my new air conditioner, and I am so glad that I did because it has only been five weeks since I bought the air conditioner, and it already stopped working. I am thinking that maybe something was wrong with it from the beginning because I did notice that the new air conditioner did not blow nearly as much cool air as the old air conditioner did. It was very surprising to me. I figured the new air conditioner would be more powerful than the old one, but it wasn’t even close to as powerful. I didn’t think too much about it even though it was annoying. I had to turn on that air conditioner hours before we went to bed inorder for our room to be at a comfortable temperature by the time we went to bed. My husband kept saying that the air conditioner seemed to be doing less and less each day. I didn’t notice that, but he was probably right because it just stopped working all of the sudden. I am going to be returning that air conditioner today for sure.

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