A new commercial boiler for the hospital

The mobile boiler turned out to be a great idea and it made the transition much easier

A few years ago, the county hospital underwent some major renovations and changes. They made the parking lot twice as big and repaved all of the asphalt. They added 15,000 square feet to the east side of the hospital. Inside the building, everything received a facelift. All of the floors were completely refinished, waxed, or stained. All of the chairs, tables, desks, and other furniture pieces were replaced. At that time, the hospital also purchased a new commercial boiler. Part of the hospital was closed for renovations, but part of the hospital was still open during the work. We had to make some provisions in order to get all of the work completed while still maintaining a hospital. While we made all of the changes for the new commercial boiler, we rented a mobile boiler. I wasn’t familiar with mobile boiler rentals until a colleague brought up the idea during one of our meetings. He was very familiar with mobile boiler rentals and provided all of us with details. The mobile boiler allowed us to continue operating with heat, while we made the change from one system to the other. The mobile boiler turned out to be a great idea and it made the transition much easier. We certainly didn’t want to stress out any patients or healthcare providers with the changes, but the 70 year old hospital was due for some major upgrades. It’s been a few years since all of the changes, and I think the hospital looks great. The additional 15 thousand square feet allows us to serve more of the public and that is a winning combination for everyone in the community.

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