We had a real jerk of a roommate for a period of time

I had three roommates back in college.

Two of them were cool and we got along just fine but the other guy really made me mad all the time.

This guy didn’t seem to care that he was always making messes in the house and increasing the energy bills. While the other two were mostly laid back and chill, they didn’t care to fight so much. It was always me confronting the guy who would leave the A/C blasting when nobody was home. I even caught this guy blasting the air conditioning with the windows open once when I got back home. I don’t know what he was thinking, but I was starting to believe he was just trying to piss everybody off. We all had to split the energy bills and they were really high because of this jerk. I kept telling him that he needed to leave but he kept saying he wasn’t going anywhere. When I got on his case about doing his fair share of the chores, he would shrug it off like it was nothing. His own room was a pig sty and I honestly don’t know how he could live with himself in such a mess. He never did the dishes and he was always late with the rent. Eventually the other roommates agreed to have a vote to say if he should leave or not. They agreed that him paying his share of the rent late and not doing any chores was a sizable problem. And of course his increasing the energy bills with blasting the climate control system with the windows open was not good for any of us. We ended up getting him to leave and he was replaced with a much better roommate that everyone liked.

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