I’m happy when my family is happy

Probably one of the most important things in my life is my family.

I love getting together with various family members for get togethers and what not.

My kids are my pride and my joy and I want to make sure they have the best and most comfortable lives. This is why I got a nice home that has plenty of room for them to run and play. Also I made sure the HVAC system is top notch so that they can always be comfortable in the home with excellent temperature control settings. I remember once my son asked if he could have an A/C unit in his bedroom. I asked him the reason for wanting that and he said he would feel so much more comfortable. He mentioned that even though we have the A/C set at a pretty comfortable setting most of the time, his room is upstairs and it gets a little bit hot up there even with the A/C going. I decided that if he was going to get a new A/C unit, I would also give my daughter a new A/C unit for her room as well. When I installed the new A/C units in their rooms, they were entirely ecstatic. This made it easier for them to focus on their school work and I even noticed a significant improvement on their grades. I don’t know for sure that I can say it’s the A/C that has improved their grades so much. Maybe it’s the fact that they are just happier with a more comfortable environment. Regardless, I’m just happy that my kids are happy and are doing so well.

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