A Wedding Reception Saved by an HVAC Tech

I had the honor of walking my daughter down the aisle about a month ago.

Having stayed out of most of the planning, I was a bit overwhelmed when the day actually came.

It really did sneak up on me. I think I was also attempting to repress some feelings about letting my baby go. But, that’s just a father thing I suppose. The wedding was beautiful and I was actually very comfortable in the church. I usually find the HVAC to be underwhelming at church. However, on this particular Saturday that had that thing dialed in. I wish the same could have been said for the reception. We held the reception at a fancy downtown hotel. I’m not much into fancy but the room was decorated so beautifully. However, as soon as I entered the room, I felt like it was a bit hot. By the time the food was being served, the heat was getting unbearable. I went to the Catering Manager to see if she could adjust the air conditioning to cool off the room. She simply shook her head and said that the temp would have to stay where it was. I was flabbergasted and nearly reached across the counter. I couldn’t believe I had paid all that money so my guests could sweat through dinner. I was in the midst of reading this person the riot act when my new son in law pulled me aside. Turns out that one of his best men was an HVAC guy. He had snuck back and found the right dials to turn. The reception was saved and I felt just that much better about my new son in law.


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