Would I rather stay in a dirty hotel with potential air conditioning or the jungle?

While I was in the military, I had the opportunity to travel all over the world while I was doing missions for my branch.

Though I spend most of my time in an office now working on recruitment for the military, I remember fondly the awesome times I had in foreign countries.

However, what I didn’t prefer about the traveling was some of the hotels that we had to stay in while on a mission. Though the hotels would often have an air conditioner which was preferred to the hotter climate that we were in, the rooms themselves were filthy and covered with insects. Sometimes, the hotel rooms had no air conditioning at all. The only way to get cooler air was to leave the window open, letting in the chilly air and all the bugs with it. I remember having to sleep in a bug net and wishing that I was in a normal hotel room with air conditioning. Honestly, I would have preferred to sleep in the jungle with a hammock than in those hotel rooms. Though the jungle had no air conditioning to cool me off, the trees and foliage provided shade and insulation from the sun during the day. Even now that I am back in the United States with my own house and all of my HVAC equipment, I find myself dreaming that I was back in the jungle sleeping in a hammock. There was something relaxing about being away from society and its benefits, including HVAC equipment. Being in the military has been a great experience!

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