My house has a problem

A few weeks ago, the a/c stopped working in my house.

I was disappointed at the time, however I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I had no plan how to repair an a/c, however I did know that the Heating plus Air Conditioning workers had checked my condenser a few weeks prior. They told me that there were a few components that needed to be replaced. If I had them replace them, my a/c was supposed to last a long time. I asked the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to order the parts and come out as soon as possible, then when my a/c shut down, I called them and told them so, then after they fixed those parts, my a/c was still not working! The Heating plus Air Conditioning worker told me that they needed to order a single more section to repair it, and they assured me that my a/c should be running soon! However, a few weeks have passed on, and I have heard nothing from them, however my a/c is a crucial section of my lake house being comfortable. I don’t own window air conditioner units, because my central a/c does a good job at making sure that my lake house is always cool. Without air conditioner, I am consistently dripping with sweat if I am in my house. I have spent most of the time at odd locations to stay cool. I don’t want to purchase a window a/c to keep me cool for any longer. I just want the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to repair my a/c. I am not sure if I am going to have to find a new Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier in the future. It is a shame.

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