ADA Compliant Upgrades includes signage

When most people think of ADA compliant upgrades or ADA compliant construction, they tend to think of adding handles to the bathroom stalls and putting ramps next to the stairs.

Those are two important ADA compliant upgrades that buildings had to make once the ADA became the rule of the land, but there are millions more besides that.

The way to realize how important ADA compliant upgrades are is to imagine yourself living a life with disabilities – or maybe even to ask a diabled person for advice. One kind of ADA compliant upgrade I never really gave much thought to is ADA compliant signage. Think about how reliant we are on signs when we go to a public space like an airport, government office, school, or even restaurant. Signage keeps us from walking into the restaurant kitchen when we are looking for the bathroom, points us to the right person to give us the form we need, leads us to the proper classroom, and makes sure we get to the right gate. If we can’t read them, though, we need ADA compliant upgrades to help us do all those things. ADA compliant upgrades to your signs keeps you within the rules and helps you avoid fines. ADA compliant upgrades to bathroom signs includes the need to have an image on the sign as well as words. The image will help children who are too young to read (in school, for example) know which restroom to use, and it will help people who don’t read English. It’s paramount for people’s safety. ADA compliant upgrades to signage are vital to helping your clients move successfully and live life with ease.


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