Fresh air – inefficient when you open windows

For long as I can remember my wife has been complaining about our indoor air quality.

She is always telling me that the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system does not do a good job managing our indoor air temperature, air quality, or subsequent respiratory health.

I agree that we could definitely improve the central heating and cooling equipment someday. However, we do not have money in the bank for professional HVAC inspections or renovations at this point in time. I have been desperately trying to save up money to afford a new heating, cooling, and air quality control machinery for several years now. However, I don’t feel like my wife is helping with this goal of saving money for our HVAC expenses. In fact, I feel like she dwindles away my savings account each month via the high energy bill that I have to pay. She is constantly running the central heating and cooling system even though she knows it costs a fortune. At the same time, she tells me that the HVAC system makes the air stagnant and musty. Therefore, she opens the windows to bring in fresh outdoor air at the same time as she is running the central heating, cooling, and ventilation system. She doesn’t seem to understand how energy inefficient this HVAC situation is. We’re never going to be able to afford new air quality control equipment if she doesn’t stop beating the hell out of the HVAC system we currently own while contaminating our expensive indoor air with fresh air from outdoors.

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