My husband was late getting home

My husband was really late getting home the other night and I was pretty annoyed by it.

I was saving dinner for him and we were all getting really hungry and irritable because we were waiting for him.

When he finally came through the door, he told us what had happened on his way home from work. He was about fifteen minutes away from home when he noticed a big HVAC maintenance truck pulled off the side of the road with its flashers on. The HVAC truck looked like it had a flat tire on the back and it was tilted down into a big ditch. He said that he wouldn’t have stopped, but he noticed that the HVAC technician who was standing out next to the broken down truck looked familiar to him. It turned out that the HVAC technician was the same one who came to work on the furnace system at our house the week before when it was on the blink. It was just lucky for the HVAC technician that my husband happened to see him and recognize him. I was really glad that he stopped and helped the poor guy, even though he ended up being so late for dinner and making me mad. I don’t like the idea of our nice HVAC technician being stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the night. He told my husband that he would give us a discount the next time we needed an HVAC repair done. Hopefully we will be able to figure something out next time our furnace tears up!

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