My husband is an HVAC technician

My husband Chirs is an HVAC technician and he works at one of the local heating and cooling companies here in town.

Chris is great at his job, just like I always knew that he would be.

Whenever we first got married, he was actually working at a factory and he really hated it. He just hated being tied down so much and having to do the same thing over and over every single day. He said that it was way too monotonous for his taste, plus he is a people person. He likes interacting with different people on a daily basis, and at the factory, he only saw a few guys every day. I told him to look for a new career and he saw an ad for a heating and cooling certification course at one of our local technical schools in the paper one day. He was really interested in it right from the minute that he saw it. He called them up, registered for the HVAC course, and the rest is history. He did great in all of his classes, and every day when he would come home from class, he would be super excited about the things that he learned that day. I knew that he was going to love being an HVAC technician and I was so glad that he took the chance to try something new and find a career that he actually loved. Now, Chris is always doing something every day with his job and he loves going out and talking to his HVAC company clients.



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