Protecting HVAC cabinet during the winter

This is the very first time I have ever enjoyed an air conditioned home.

And no, I’m not a time traveler from the past.

It just so happens that where I have lived all my life, we just haven’t really needed HVAC cooling in the summer. Sure, it would have been great but not really necessary. We live way up north where the summer really just isn’t all that blistering hot. However, there are a couple of months where HVAC cooling would be nice. So when my wife and I built our smaller house once the kids were gone, we chose to add HVAC cooling. I have to say that it’s really very nice to sleep so comfortably at night. Although I still am getting accustomed to not having the window open and the fan on. Normally, when I think HVAC, I am thinking about the HVAC heating for the winter. I have a furnace as the primary heating method but have always had a wood stove as supplementary heat and a plan B. So that means cutting, splitting and stacking the wood in the non winter months. And then it’s all about preparing the house for the winter. The tighter the house, the cheaper the heating costs and the cozier the house. Then, I make sure the HVAC people come out to inspect and service the furnace prior to freezing temps setting in. But this year I will be adding a task. I will be putting a hard plastic shell over the HVAC cabinet outside to keep the weight of the snow and ice off the delicate parts.
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