Love these clean HVAC air ducts

I am sort of a clean freak so you’d think that I would have known all about having the HVAC air ducts cleaned. But somehow, that information just got right past me. Although I do have to say that I don’t typically wonder about the HVAC. For me, I pay attention to a lot of other things around the house. The HVAC stuff is my husband’s task. So maybe I should ask him how we never knew about ductwork cleaning. My husband is the one who changes the HVAC air filter each month. And from time to time, I see him going through the house making sure the air vents are open and unobstructed. Same goes with all the HVAC maintenance. He is the one who sets up the HVAC maintenance appointments and one of us hangs around to let the HVAC people inside. But when I started seeing dust and gunk falling from the air vents, that’s when I learned all about HVAC air duct cleaning. After witnessing this stuff come out of the air ducts, I called the HVAC people we use in a bit of a panic. They assured me that it was just time to have the air ducts cleaned and then resealed. The HVAC folks gave me the number for a company whose soul purpose is to clean HVAC ducts. I was thrilled that they were able to come out so quickly. But I wasn’t so thrilled when I saw just what was coming out of the air ducts. It was pretty gross to me. Yet, now I have clean, resealed air ducts and the knowledge that I should get my air ducts cleaned now and again.


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