Love finally working from home and being productive

Life has been a lot better since this pandemic changed the way I work.

  • The air quality at our offices was too risky for the moment, so I’ve been happily staying at my current home for the entire year.

And it’s truly amazing. I never enjoyed commuting to a distant building every morning for the same work that I could particularly do from our own home, don’t even get me started with talking about wasting my time and energy every morning while I was in the drive. It was always so annoying being with our heating program blasting in the traffic gridlock as the freezing wind pounded against our car. After that, I would arrive at the office downtown and be so unhappy all morning long. I’m sure that you assume already, setting a single central thermostat for numerous people means that too many indoor air temperature control changes take site. The entire office could never concur on a single temperature for the substantial central heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment that was installed up on the roof. All our coworkers were getting into fights about the stupid HVAC program or heating unit that wasted our time each morning. My productivity was a great deal lower at the office over time, with all of these temperature control battles to distract me. Not to mention the drafts and the professional Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance techs walking through the office whenever the two of us broke the system. Since the two of us all began to work from home I have been so comfortable with our Heating and Air Conditioning settings and higher work quality. I can be super productive because I can set our own thermostat to our personal temp control preferences. It seems to be the best way for establishing the most efficient indoor air conditions conditions that absolutely help me get work done. Most mornings, I work 4 hours a morning instead of 8.

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