Not yet graduated from Heating and Air Conditioning college yet

I have 1 major problem in this world, just as most people else.


I wish that the two of us didn’t need to worry about this stupid resource so often, so everyone could just go about their lives without panicking and worrying all of the time. But this is not the world the two of us were born into. Now, I will admit that I am too often preoccupied with money. I want to save it as much as I can in case of a rainy morning somewhere down the road. This is why I occasionally have stupidly hired some less-than-professionals for some of our household appliances. But the worst mistake I ever made was paying an uncertified heating, cooling, and air quality control worker last year. I assume I shouldn’t call them a heating and cooling worker, because they had zero certification to earn them this Heating and Air Conditioning service tech title. In fact, they were a “freelance” air quality control specialist who I found in a local newspaper that gave some heating and cooling equipment experience. I should have gotten a proper Heating and Air Conditioning professional, but instead, I screwed myself by hiring an extremely cheap heating, cooling, and ventilation student. I was very blown away by the low price tag for his services, however I was about to be even further blown away by our broken Heating and Air Conditioning system. The in-progress heating, cooling, and air quality control service tech who had not been certified for Heating and Air Conditioning repairs, upgrades, or inspections yet somehow managed to fully destroy our a/c. That’s when I l gained that, in fact, he was only 1 year into his heating and cooling service tech courses at the local trade college. This is the experience that finally taught me, you want to have a properly trained indoor air conditions control maintenance specialist to work on your indoor air handling gear.

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