I always wanted to be a cleaning lady

When I was little, I was one of the few kids who never needed their parents to remind them to clean their room. It was the opposite situation. I loved my room. I always kept it clean and organized. I didn’t stop with tidying up. One of my favorite things was pretending I was a cleaning lady. It’s what I hoped to do as a career. I would ask my mom for a list of tasks she wanted completed. Then I’d get busy. The cleaning lady wasn’t just a game for me. I was actually fulfilling the tasks. At first, I probably made things worse instead of better. I smeared the glass and used the wrong products. But I got steadily better. This grew into a job for me while I was in high school. My dad asked me to clean his commercial office space. The office looked so great that some of the people who worked for him asked me to clean their homes. I got all kinds of maid for hire jobs. It was wonderful making money doing something that I really liked to do. During my college years, I kept up with my cleaning business and acquired some commercial accounts. I learned how to properly handle floor maintenance, floor stripping, waxing, stain removal, disinfecting and all sorts of necessary maintenance. I hired several students to help. It was a successful startup cleaning service. Once I graduated with a degree, I expanded the business. I’ve added more full-time employees, cleaning vans and equipment. I continue to thrive and grow doing something I’ve always loved to do.

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