Not happy about the rising crime in our area

I never thought I would find myself in a police station, even though I had to file a police report when our window air conditioning system unit was stolen! When I spoke to the neighbors about the incident, it was great to hear that they didn’t have anything stolen from their property, but they heard that another neighbor down the street had a window air conditioning system unit stolen as well; I told them to spread the word about a vandal in our area and it wasn’t before long when everybody was putting up video surveillance to keep the neighborhood safe, however fortunately, the next time the thief attempted to steal another window air conditioning system unit, she was caught on camera.

It was just a kid and she claimed that she was a gang member and she had no choice but to steal the window air conditioning system units.

I think that’s a bad thing that we have gangs in the area. It actually doesn’t make myself and others want to stick around even though we have such a nice town. I guess we will carry on for a little while and see if there is any other harsh crime in the area. It’s weird because I hadn’t heard about any gangs in our area until this kid made that claim. Who knows, maybe she was lying just to try to get some sort of reputation… People have been known to do some deranged things to be the center of attention, if only for a short while only. Well, we weren’t able to get our outdated cooling unit back, but our insurance covered the loss and we got another window air conditioning system unit that was actually nicer than the last one.

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