Burning Smell

There are many smells that remind us of winter, and for some, it’s the smell of pine trees or holiday dinner in the oven, but for others, it’s that smell that you notice when you first turn on the heat for the season.

But, do you certainly need to worry when that smell occurs or is it normal? In the region I live in, warmer temperatures exist 10 weeks out of the year plus do not require the use of a heating system.

So, when I turn it on when the cold weather begins, I tend to smell a strong odor at first. Dust settles within the device as air continues to circulate throughout your forced air heating plus cooling system. When the first cold afternoon comes plus you want to fire up your furnace, this relaxing layer of dust will burn off furnace components after the system starts up, then generally, it’s completely normal that a furnace has a burning smell when it’s first turned on, plus you do not need to worry. In most cases, the odor dissipates in an minute or so, and even though this odor is a normal occurrence if it only lasts a short amount of time, there are some things you can do to reduce it. If you have a furnace turn up performed before heating season, dust will be removed plus the burning smell will be greatly minimized, if not avoided altogether! Changing your furnace filter will allow typical airflow so the odor filters out abruptly, reducing the captured dust particles to be recirculated into your living areas. If you experience other odors such as a burning plastic smell, this is cause for concern. This odor could be caused by worn out components, such as a fan belt or capacitor, or melting wire insulation inside of your furnace. An electrical burning smell can be caused by an warm blower motor. If these odors occur, it’s necessary to contact your HVAC specialist.



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