The air conditioner in our house could not keep up with the heat last week

I always thought that I wanted to live somewhere that was warm all the time.

As a child, I really did not like the cold at all.

My mother was a sickly woman, and she was afraid of letting us children outside much during the winter months because it was so cold. She did not want us to end up sickly like her. Looking back, I realize that being outside in the cold was not something that could have made us sick like she was. I do appreciate her care for us though. Because I was not allowed outside much, I learned to detest the wintertime. I dreamed of living somewhere warm. Well, my dreams came true when I married my sweet husband. He is in the military, and we have been stationed down south for quite a few years now. It is really hot down here. The coldest it gets is usually about fifty degrees, and that is not for a very substantial period of time. I realized that I do not like the heat as much as I thought that I would. Our house has a central air system, and it has trouble keeping up with the heat sometimes. Last week, our area broke its record for heat. It was over one hundred and ten degrees every single day for the entire week. I could not believe how hot it was. It was also quite humid on top of being hot, so it was miserable to be outside. Our poor air conditioning system has quite a bit of trouble trying to cool the house. Our house was about eighty degrees even though we had the thermostat set to seventy. Hopefully, we will not have any more record breaking heat.


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