The concert that left us clamoring for A/C!

My friends and I have been huge metal fans for ages now.

When we were still in high school, we regularly went to this venue in our town that always hosted awesome rock and metal band concerts.

We loved hearing the power chords as they blared through the venue, and feeling the bass from their drums and bass guitar vibrate through us! The whole experience was always something we loved from beginning to end, especially since the venue owners kept the air conditioning system set at a low sixty-five degrees during each show. I think the owners were big fans of the music genre, but I also think these guys were heating and A/C technicians on the side. How else could they keep the venue so ice-cold all the time? And, despite over two hundred people being packed into a fairly small concert hall, the air quality in the venue was always pretty much perfect. I know they had a strict no-smoking policy inside, and everyone who attended these shows were conscious about not making a mess. Music and cleanliness aside, it was a wonderful way for us to beat the heat during the summer! Sure, I can’t quite hear out of my left ear from all of the years of damage due to high decibel sound exposure, but I can tell you that I never had more fun than I did at those shows. The excellent air quality, combined with the cooling air conditioning, made the place so enjoyable!

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