Going to an art gallery proved to be a great summertime activity

My wife and I seemed to inherit the “sweat like a pig” genes from our respective parents.

Whether it’s ninety-five degrees outside with humidity off the charts, or seventy degrees outside on a cool autumn morning, we’re still sweating.

The only difference is how much we’ve sweat through our clothes! Since we both sweat so easily, we try to find indoor activities to do – especially during the summer. Most recently, my wife and I found a new favorite experience, which is to visit this lovely art gallery and museum in our neighborhood. The place has been there for ages, but I haven’t paid it much attention and now I’m regretting it. See, this art museum and gallery isn’t just a lovely place to become enriched with creativity and inspiration. It’s also a wonderful place to escape the relentless heat and humidity of a southern summer! The temperatures in the museum are always kept at a cool seventy degrees, but the rooms with special collections are kept even cooler. In fact, those rooms have dehumidifiers running at all times to keep all the humidity out of the space! This helps to protect the priceless paintings from degrading by being exposed to the elements. I certainly don’t mind the temperature control either, as it makes our experience in the museum that much more enjoyable! The last time my wife and I went to this gallery, we noticed a heating and A/C service technician’s van parked in the visitor parking lot. We were worried at first, but relieved when we went inside and saw him talking to the curator. The museum’s A/C system had been upgraded – and was now even cooler than before!

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