I’m never going back to a winter without a space heater

For years, I’ve been having to make due each winter as my home is always freezing cold.

I don’t know why, but my central heating system can only do so much work! I think the people who used to live in this house settled for a small, cheap electric furnace to heat the place.

To be fair, the winters here in this region are always mild. It’s rarely any colder than the low 20’s at night, so I wouldn’t need some incredibly powerful furnace like you’d have up north. However, I still wish I had something a bit closer to what I need just to stay warm at night! Finally, I had enough of the nightly shivering in my bed, and I decided to invest in a small, portable space heater. This was one of the best ideas I had in a long time! The portable space heater provides just the right amount of heat for my bed to stay warm. No longer do I wake up in the middle of the night, feeling my teeth chatter as I try to force myself back to sleep. I think that this works so well for heating my bed because it uses radiant heat, which allows objects to warm up instead of the air itself being heated. I remember having an old fashioned space heater when I was a little girl, but it was much more dangerous than the ones you see today! It used to scare me too much to leave it on at night. With this portable space heater I have now, there are special fail-safe systems built into the device that keeps it from being on for too long, or becoming too hot. I feel like I can actually get a decent night’s sleep with these new heating systems, which is desperately needed in the winter!



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